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I'm a good guy. Getting Fit. The Story--> Name: Joe Lovejoy

Age: 20 Hometown: Tacoma WA

Height: 5'11

Weight: 185

About me: I'm 20. I made this blog to receive and give inspiration to people of all ages that are on the same journey as me- the journey to be in the best shape of my life, for the rest of my life. MKE to TAC

blackoutqueen You're just a really attractive human... Let's get married?

Sure, set it up!

fitandfiiine hey :) new follower here, just wanted to say hi. nice blog btw, you look like you're having so much fun in all your pics!

hey there! thanks a lot! and you’re right, I love life :] haha

I just want to be great one day.

ABC party!

rollinwitthehomies Tall guys >>>> 😍

i’m a bigger fan of tall girls haha but whatever makes you happy

Anonymous "Fat Amy kick me in the balls!"


Hey whats up?


•~Vance — Creek — Bridge~•

•~Vance — Creek — Bridge~•

Hopped in the Bod Pod today for a BMI update! I’m at 9.2% body fat, the best I’ve ever been! I’m healthier than ever! I’d be happy to talk to anyone that wants to know about the Bod Pod or my recent progress or just needs inspiration!

Anonymous Thoughts about Guam? (:

Guam was pretty awesome! I could go on for a while about it if you want or if you have specific questions I’d be happy to answer just those

Anonymous Post a selfie of your cute face? Cause you cute

I already have a bunch up! If I do anything cool in the next few days that I take pictures of I’ll probably post one haha

Anonymous Would you tell us(in full, complete detail) how you lost your virginity And what did you do? Lol

Hmmm I think I’m gonna hold off on that one haha. Thanks for the interest but that’s a little more personal than we need to get on here

Anonymous What's your favorite song?

Oh jeeeezzzz… So many good songs haha I don’t think I could pick one so here’s a list of a few that pop into mind-
Mary Janes last dance by Tom Petty
Dear Marie by John Mayer
Back down south by KOL
Rock city by KOL
Kenny Chesneys version of Brandy
Aaaaanndddd how bout Travelin Soldier by the Dixie Chicks haha. What are your favorites?

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